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  • ULTRA series automatic image measuring instrument

    ULTRA series automatic image measuring instrument is a newly released upgraded product of Linyuan Company, which provides excellent measurement performance and performance. The whole system comes standard with high-precision linear guides, GIGA high-speed high-precision digital cameras, and 0.0001mm resolution grating rulers, providing more stable transmission performance and measurement accuracy.

  • PEAK series compact automatic image measuring instrument

    Simple and stable In the design process of PEAK series, we always implement the simple and stable design concept. We reduce unnecessary mechanical parts, integrate all electronic components in the mechanical structure, and optimize wiring to ensure machine stability and ease of maintenance. Excellent imaging system Compared with similar products on the market, the PEAK series provides a better imaging system, allowing users to obtain clearer, sharper-edged images. On the basis of a lot of basic theoretical research, we have selected a high-pixel industrial digital camera to ensure high image quality, high frame rate and stable measurement.   Economical Vision Measurement Solutions A simple and holistic approach allows us to manufacture machines at lower cost while maintaining high measurement accuracy and optimum performance. Users can enjoy the high efficiency and low cost advantages of fully CNC vision measurement technology. powerful software PEAK series is equipped with powerful LINYU INSPECT measurement software. Simple operation interface, complete measurement function; Weak edge detection, support for multi-sensor programming; Auto focus and focus point measurement functions.

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