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HE series gantry type large stroke automatic image measuring instrument
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HE series gantry type large stroke automatic image measuring instrument

HE series high-efficiency gantry-type automatic image measurement system organically combines high precision and high efficiency, and efficiently detects the geometric parameters of various products. At present, it is mainly used in PCB circuit boards, copper clad laminates, flat glass, liquid crystal modules, knife molds, insulating materials, precision metal and other industries.
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product description

High rigidity structural design
.Introduce the finite element analysis technology in the shell meter to ensure the high rigidity and high precision structure.
■Adopt a fully enclosed frame movable bridge structure, which has large bearing capacity and good movement performance.
■000 grade granite base, high strength, corrosion resistance, good stability.

Convenient, durable and precise
-The worktable can be preset with a variety of product clamping and fixing solutions, and a variety of lens-camera combination solutions are available to meet different visual measurement needs.
■Full closed-loop motion control system, with the cooperation of high-precision hardware mechanism, can quickly and accurately determine the target position, with high speed and high precision.

Multi-sensor composite 3D measurement
The HE series long-travel gantry image measuring instrument can be equipped with a variety of 3D sensors for comprehensive 2D/3D composite measurement, and can be equipped with probes and laser non-contact measurement sensors at the same time. Fully automatic programming of all dimensional measurements can be completed on the device, greatly improving productivity.


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