Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting


•sensory switch


The infrared automatic sensor light and sensor switch can sense the infrared rays of the human body. LEDs are used as light sources to save electric energy to the greatest extent; it can be easily installed in hallways, bathrooms, corridors and other places that require temporary lighting, and it can be used immediately without wiring. You can also use an induction switch to connect the lamps to realize automatic induction lighting control. The core control unit of this type of product is an infrared detector, which uses a pyroelectric infrared sensor to detect the infrared radiation of a moving human body. As long as the human body crosses across its detection range, the sensor switch will generate an electrical signal output to control subsequent execution. unit, start the load.


• Induction lamps


The application of induction lamps is similar to induction switches. Compared with products controlled by sound and light, infrared sensing solutions have better anti-interference ability and are not easily disturbed by sound. It only senses the change of the radiation temperature of the human body. The light is on when people come and the light is off when people leave. That is, the sensitivity will be reduced a little in summer. The closer the temperature of the environment is to the temperature of the human body, the lower the sensitivity; the general sensing distance is 5-8 meters.

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