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Smart hHome


Smart homes take houses as the platform. Whether it is a community, school, hotel, or office building, enterprises, institutions, factories, etc., they are all our target markets. In recent years, smart home has begun to enter more and more ordinary families step by step. A complete smart home system generally includes subsystems such as security, telephone, audio and video, air conditioning, lighting, etc. The price has been accepted by consumers, and owners can choose to install subsystems according to their needs and preferences to meet the needs of their home. kind of demand. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, smart homes have quickly entered ordinary people's homes, and the intelligent way of life and work in the movie is no longer far away.

After years of painstaking research, human infrared sensing and related solutions are increasingly embedded in smart home devices. According to the characteristics of the subsystems and specific application scenarios you choose, Ziliang Sensing provides you with complete selection and matching scheme.

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